iPad Air 2022 Causes Apple to Face Complaints over Build Quality

iPad Air 2022 in various colors
Image Source: Apple

Recently, tech giant Apple launched the new iPad Air 2022, powered by the M1 chipset. The Cupertino company has equipped the device with top notch hardware. However, based on user reports, it seems the build quality of the iPad Air has room for improvement. Several users who purchased the new iPad Air 2022 have voiced their complaints about the creaking design. Many have stated that the body of the device does not instill confidence.

Users have discussed concerns about the thinner aluminium enclosure on Apple‘s new device. It gives it a hollow sensation in the hand, according to them. Users have also stated that the new device feels like the body is extremely close to the battery unit within the device, when compared to the 2020 version of the iPad Air.

Several users have mentioned feeling like the iPad Air 2022 build quality has been a downgrade. However, the only change with the new device is the replacement of the A14 Bionic chipset with the M1 chipset.

Several users have voiced their discontentment about the device. The sheer number of buyers voicing their displeasure indicates that the build quality issues are likely not isolated.

Many of the elements of the iPad Air 2022 are borrowed from the 2020 variant. At 10.9-inch, the screen remains the same. The device even retains the Liquid Retina display. As far as the changes go, only the hardware has seen changes. The device now flaunts the M1 chipset and is equippedwith 8GB RAM.

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