Google Maps Blocks 100M Abusive Edits in 2021 with Machine Learning

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Image Source: WikiMedia Commons

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning would appear to be the future of moderating toxic online activity if we consider tech giant Google’s latest move. Artificial Intelligence or AI allows computers to learn about their environment by poring over data patterns. In 2021, under tech giant Google, machine learning played a significant role in policing abusive behavior on Google Maps.

Google made a recent post on how Google keeps Maps information reliable. The tech giant disclosed that last year, it used machine learning and human operators to block over 100 million attempted fraudulent edits to Google Business Profiles. Google also took down over 7 million fake profiles. Of these removals, 630,000 of them were user report-based. Additionally, it mentioned that it stopped 12 million attempts to impersonate a company. Google also shut down 8 million fraudulent attempts to claim a company’s profile. Moreover, due to related policy violations, Google also shut down 1 million accounts as well.

Google’s report on the reliability of Google Maps also included various measures Google took. This came as a response to businesses starting to open back up in 2021. With businesses reopening, came miscreants attempting to harm them with fake reviews. The tech giant dumped over 95 million reviews which violated Google policies. Among these, 60,000 were related to issues surrounding COVID-19 in one way or another. Additionally, machine learning aided the Google Maps team in taking down nearly 200 million photos and videos. These were either of poor quality or violated policy.

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