Apple May Change the Way Apps Appear on iPad to an “Apple Mixer”

Pictured, two iPad devices. iPad may be getting a new feature called Apple Mixer.

According to claims by a leaker who goes by the name of Majin Bu, Apple is introducing changes to iPadOS. When connected to a keyboard and trackpad, the iPadOS apps might appear in the form of floating windows in the future. This is quite similar to the Quick Note floating windows feature. According to Bu’s claims, Apple might call the feature “Apple Mixer.”

Bu, renowned for hardware-related leaks, mentioned the details in a Twitter post. The leaker revealed that Apple is currently working on a smart system for the iPadOS. This smart system, called the “Apple Mixer”, will affect the way in which apps respond when a tablet receives a keyboard and trackpad connection. As per Bu, the iPadOS apps will continue opening in full screen as they usually do. However, as soon as the tablet receives a connection to a keyboard and trackpad, they will immediately shrink.

Bu further added, “We don’t know if it will be included in iPadOS 16 or not, It should be M1 iPad exclusive.”

Bu’s claim does not clarify whether or not the keyboard connection to the iPad will affect any app that’s already open across all iPad devices or select ones. It may be possible that this floating window feature will roll out to all the iPads.

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