Uber for iOS Users Can Now View Their Passenger Star Rating

Uber has announced an important change to its iOS app. The rental car app is notorious for its passenger ratings, a feature many customers still seem to be unaware of. However, Uber has now announced that it will now make the star rating data available to customers. Customers will be provided with detailed information about the star ratings they have received from their Uber drivers.

The announcement blog post revealed that all Uber users, in the US at least, will be able to view a breakdown of their average star rating in the app’s newly added Privacy Centre. With this detailed breakdown, users will be able to see the number of 5-star ratings they have received, the number of 1-star ratings, as well as every other star rating in between.

Users have to open the settings menu to reach the Privacy Centre in the app and view their rating breakdown. In the Privacy Centre, they have to tap ‘Privacy’, followed by ‘Privacy Centre’. Following this, users have to swipe right and tap the “Would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber” option, then scroll down to the “browse your data” section and click on the “View my ratings” tab to view their rating breakdown. Along with the star raring breakdown, users will also be able to view information about their past rides, their payment data, adjust marketing preferences, etc.