Toddler Resistant iPhone 13 Advertised by Apple

toddler resistant iPhone 13 in rose gold

Apple has been releasing new advertisements for the iPhone 13 smartphone. One of the latest advertisements emphasizes on the playfulness and durability of the iPhone devices in an endearing manner. The advert starts with a toddler picking up her mother’s iPhone device. She then proceeds to run around the house with the smartphone. The iPhone device bumps against various surfaces. It even falls into a sink full of dirty dishes and water, before ultimately falling against a block of Legos, only to emerge completely unscathed.

Toddler Resistant iPhone 13

Set to the song Chitty Bang by Leikeli47, the unique advertisement is filmed place from the perspective of the iPhone’s cameras, both front and back. The cameras capture footage of the toddler running around the house, followed closely by her mother.

As the mother casually picks up her device and tucks it into her pocket without even bothering to check the device for damages, the advert ends with the catchy tagline, ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’.

Relax, it’s iPhone

Apple has used the same tag in another commercial advertisement which portrays a young boy leisurely bicycling around his neighborhood.

As the sun sets, long after the neighbors have retired into their homes, we find the boy and his iPhone still doing laps of the neighborhood. This ad emphasizes on the iPhone 13‘s improved battery life.

Apple has previously used their tagline of ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’ in order to to promote the iPhone 12 devices. One ad shows a a woman dramatically fumbling mid-conversation to catch her iPhone which has slipped out of her hands. Set to classical Indian tabla music, the advert stresses on the phone’s durability, even if it is dropped on concrete.

Yet another advert for the same device films a messy home cook attempting to master cooking. While watching a cooking video, his iPhone gets splashed with several cooking ingredients. This advert ends with the same note, recounting the same tagline of ‘Relax, it’s iPhone’.

Emphasis on Durability

Apple has been pushing their features with these latest series of iPhone advertisements. They are focusing on everyday aspects of the device to make it appealing to everyday users and their daily needs. There has been an increased emphasis on the device’s durability, even when faced with common everyday hazards.

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