Instagram Remix Feature Not Exclusive to Reels, Expanded to All Videos

Instagram Remix feature introduced. Image of mobile screen with miscellaneous app, Instagram in focus.

Instagram, the Meta-owned image based social media platform, announces that it will be expanding the Instagram Remix feature to all public videos on their platform. They had first introduced the feature in 2021 for the short-video format available on Instagram, called Instagram Reels. Using this feature, a creator can ‘remix’ their own video with existing Instagram Reels by themselves or by other users. Therefore, the final outcome appears like a split view. Thus viewers are able to watch a stitched together version of both the short clips. As per the latest Instagram update, users can now use the Instagram Remix with more functionalities. Users can now create remixes with regular Instagram videos which are publicly posted. Moreover, the update will bring a longer time limit.

Creating an Instagram Remix with Public Video

People can follow these steps in order to create an Instagram Remix with regular videos.

  • Choose a publicly available video on Instagram.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the selected video.
  • Select the ‘Remix this video’ option.
  • Add your video to remix.

Instagram is slowly rolling out this feature for global users. Only users on the latest version of the Instagram iOS or Instagram Android apps can avail the new updates.

Creating an Instagram Remix with Another Instagram Reel

People can follow these steps in order to be able to use Instagram Remix on Instagram Reels.

  • Select the Reel you want to create a remix with.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner of the selected video.
  • Select ‘Remix this Reel’ from the options,
  • The screen will split into halves. One half will now have the original clip.
  • The new video you are using to create an Instagram Remix with will be on the other side.
  • Users are allowed to adjust the volume of original and/or new clips. You may even add a voiceover.

Instagram Reels is a short format video creation and sharing platform. It has a large global market. Certain countries do not allow their citizens to use TikTok, such as India. Instagram introduced the short video format in the form of Instagram Reels to make up for that global need. The Meta-owned photo and video sharing platform constantly evolves and the move to upgrade Reels to rival TikTok after having been fascinated by the response. .

Last but not the least, Instagram has recently announced a new feature that allows creators to directly earn money from their followers. Additionally, audience will be able to ‘subscribe’ to certain Instagram profiles and can enjoy exclusive content. Instagram is testing the feature with select users in the US.

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