Ripple by Google Can Bring Tiny Radar Tech to Cars and Other Devices

Logo of Google Ripple, black logo.

Google has chosen the CES 2022 as an opportunity launch Ripple. Ripple is an open standard of protocols to put radar capabilities into devices of their consumers. Various corporations such as Texas Instruments, Ford, and maker of blood sensor Blumio have already expressed interest.

The organizer of CES, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), currently hosts Ripple for a short period. The goal is to “enable hardware/software interoperability and accelerate the growth of applications for general purpose consumer radar.”

As reported by by 9to5Google, the Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group at Google leads this initiative. This same group was responsible for Project Soli previously. Project Soli involved building miniature radar technology and incorporating it into Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices, as well as the 2nd-gen Nest Hub.

What’s next for Ripple?

The various uses of the radar components were demonstrated using Google gadgets. These uses include detecting hand gestures over a phone, and monitoring user movements when they sleep without the need for a wearable. We must be note, however, that not all hardware devices by Google have adopted this tech. In fact, most Google hardware devices are not using it .

Experts are of the opinion that Ripple should be making it easier for other software developers and manufacturers to get involved. Semiconductor manufacturers such as Infineon and NXP have already signed up for this project. They may be creating new devices using Ripple as tech. However, it is unsure when such devices will hit the market.

According to Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering and Technical Projects Lead at Google ATAP, “Ripple will unlock helpful innovation that benefits everyone.” Poupyrev adds, “General purpose radar is a key emerging technology for solving critical use cases in a privacy-respecting way.”

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