Gmail Fourth App Ever to Hit 10 Billion Downloads on Android

Gmail icon on top of two mobile phones with the Gmail application open.

The Gmail app by Google becomes the fourth app ever to hit 10 billion installs on Android. The three apps that have reached this milestone of crossing 10 billion installations from Google Play store before it are Google Play Services, YouTube, and Google Maps. Ever since its launch in April 2004, the email service by Google has been quite popular. Lately, Google has been adding several new features to Gmail. The latest of them is an update to Gmail’s “Undo Send” feature which now allows users to recall sent emails within different time frames.

Gmail’s achievement of crossing the milestone mark of 10 billion installs was first reported by Android Police. The report details that Google Play Services was the first Android app to reach the 10 billion d fiownloads mark. It was followed by YouTube, and then Google Maps. This makes Gmail the fourth app to reach this milestone mark on the Android.

Gmail has become upgraded with many interesting features over the years. The most recent upgrade involves the service offering users an options of various time frames within which users can undo any email that they may have sent. The time frames are of 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, and 30 seconds. Prior to this upgrade, Gmail had set a five-second window as the standard time frame within which users could recall any email they had sent by mistake. The functionality of “Undo Send” is now available on Gmail for Web as well as the Gmail apps on iOS and Android.

Another feature that was introduced was for Gmail’s Google Chat. Using this, all users can make 1:1 calls for both audio and video. Google has specifically brought this update for users of the Gmail app on Android and iOS.

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