Top 5 Wallpapers for iPhone 2021

Selecting the wallpaper for your home and lock screen is quiet a deliberate choice, for the wallpaper is the first thing we see whenever we open our devices. It is perhaps one of the most important aesthetic decisions we make for our phones. For iPhone users, finding good wallpaper options is especially difficult, as Apple offers a very limited range of wallpapers to select from. One can, of course, Google for more wallpapers, but the process of finding a wallpaper with a good resolution and then adjusting it to fit the dimensions of your home screen can be tedious. Thankfully, there is a plethora of free apps for wallpapers on the App Store. Listed below are our top picks for the best wallpaper apps for iPhones.

1. Vellum Wallpapers

This app specializes in artistic wallpapers. The highlight of this app is that it uploads a new wallpaper everyday, ensuring that it’s users never run out of options to choose from. Moreover, the app also adds new, themed wallpaper packs everyday. Additional features of this app include the option to preview a selected wallpaper on the home screen and the lock screen without having to exit the app, and the ability to apply a blue light filter on the wallpapers.

2. Kappboom

This app is a one-stop shop for the best wallpapers for every category. It is a multi-faceted app, offering not only a wide variety of wallpapers, but also ‘drink recipes’, ‘famous quotes’, and ‘cool facts’. It also allows users to edit images and create collages using the editor function. Kappboom has an archive of over 200,000 high resolution wallpapers and has excellent wallpaper options for iPhone 11, XS, or X.

3. Live Wallpapers for Me

This is quiet possibly the best live wallpaper app for iPhones. It has numerous live wallpapers nearly categorized under headers like ‘Animals’, ‘Sci-Fi’, ‘Sports’, ‘Fire’ etc. The app interface supports various languages such as French, Japanese, English, Thai, and German, thus making it accessible to a global audience. New wallpapers get added to the app every week.

4. Magic Screen

Magic Screen is the best app for anyone looking to create their own wallpaper. The app also offers a vast catalogue of surreal, animated wallpapers to choose from. When customizing their own wallpaper, users can make live wallpapers or gifs out of their own photos. They can also add their own text, which they can customize from a wide range of over 150 fonts. Users can also share the wallpapers they create through wi-fi.

5. Walli

This app provides a wide selection of artist-designed wallpapers. The wallpapers on this app are unique and are contributed by a community of graphic  artists. The wallpapers are categorized into different genres such as retro, hipster, cute, funny, etc. Users can also select the size of their device’s screen while downloading the wallpapers. Users can also follow the artists they like on their social media and website if they want.