Apple Introduces Self Service Repair Program

In an unprecedented move, Apple, on Wednesday, announced its decision to make spare parts and tools available for sale to the public so they can repair certain Mac computers and iPhone devices themselves. Apple’s Self Service Repair Program comes following years of pushback from customers and consumer groups, which has already forced Apple to allow greater access to it’s own parts and repair manuals.

Apple also initiated a program in 2019 which allows third party repair shops to purchase its parts, manuals, and tools. According to Apple, as of now 2,800 independent repair shops have been inducted into the program along with 5,000 of Apple’s own authorized repair outlets.

The new Self Service program will allow Apple consumers to purchase necessary parts directly and repair their devices themselves by following a manual. Apple’s online outlet will open with around 200 of the most common tools and parts needed to address the most frequently reported issues concerning batteries, displays, and cameras on the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13.

The program will unfold in a gradual process, eventually extending to Mac devices that use the Apple M1 chip, and then on to other, lesser known repair needs. Customers can purchase these parts and tools at the same price that is offered to third-party repair shops, and can also return their old, used parts to the company after finishing their repair to avail a discount.

Apple has said that the program, which will be initiated early in the coming year, will currently be limited to the US, but will expand to other counties later that year.