Apple AR Headset Likely to Release in 2022: Reports

After ten years’ worth of research, Apple’s Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality headset is set to launch soon. Although the tech giant is yet to confirm it, reportedly hundreds of Apple employees are currently part of a secret research unit dedicated to this device. Apple’s much anticipated AR and VR headset is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2022, according to industry expert Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, Apple will likely be selling over a billion Augmented Reality supporting devices over the course of the next decade.

It has been speculated by industry experts that the device will possess features comparable to that of a Mac. The device has been rumored to possess a chip that is faster than the chips which equip the 2020 Mac. It has also been said to possess an advanced display. Moreover, it is speculated to be an independent device capable of supporting a diverse range of applications. The headset will not be needing Mac or iPhone support to function, in all likelihood. This is assumed to be done in order to let the device build its own ecosystem.

The computing power that the headset is expected to have, will likely be more than the computing power of an iPhone. While an iPhone is capable of functioning on three optical components which run simultaneously, it is expected that the AR VR headset will require anywhere between six to eight modules.

According to predictions by Bloomberg , Apple is reported to be working on the dual projects. The first of these would be their mixed reality project, meaning AR and VR. The other project is that of smart glasses using augmented reality. It is expected that the glasses will only be announced after the headset is launched.

The headset by the Cupertino tech giant shares several similarities with the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset by Meta. However, the Apple headset is reported to be of a sleek design. It is reportedly built with materials and fabrics which are lightweight and comfortable. The device has been reported to currently weigh between 200g to 300g. After going over the device, it is expected that the company is targeting a range of 100g to 200g as the final weight of the device.

The device is set to have two cameras which detect the eyes and possess high res 8k displays. This will allow for reading of minute fonts. It will also allow the users to see the virtual objects in relation to the surrounding reality, both near and far. This project will be inclusive of fifteen optical camera components.

The headphones currently saturating the market are no competition to the much anticipated device, which is considerably superior in terms of measuring accurate dimensions, surfaces and edges. It is likely that Apple is aiming to create an e-commerce online shop at the App store to sell the headset, among others. The headset primarily focuses on video content and gaming. Bloomberg has described the device as “a fully 3-D environment for gaming, communicating, and viewing videos.”