The Camera Module Of Google Pixel 6 Pro Might Not Be User Replaceable

There have been a lot of reports about the Pixel 6 Pro and it might look like we know almost everything that is to know about the upcoming phone. We have come across renders, spec sheets, even teardowns, camera samples, and pricing for some markets. However, some new reports have surfaced that claim that it might be very difficult to get the Pixel 6 Pro fixed if it shows a problem especially the camera module.

According to a leaked page from the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s technical repair manual, it looks like Google is pairing a triple camera module to a unique device from the factory. The document says, “ RL rear camera is calibrated at vendor site to secure the image/video quality post-repair.” The page was published to Repair.Wiki and the Wiki page says that a replacement module “is different from the production camera module that is paired to the original logic board.”

What this means is that a person might not be able to use the camera module from an existing Pixel 6 Pro and install it on another device. It also means that the replacement module will have to be hardcoded to work on another Pixel device. The cited document also says “if changing the logic board: ASP also needs to change the RL Rear camera has the ‘GEO’ mark. For the replaced Rear Camera from the original device, keep them, and RTV (Return To Vendor).”

Louis Rossmann mentioned in a YouTube video that because Apple has made camera module repairs with the iPhone 12 more difficult to perform outside Apple’s authorized repair network, other companies are also taking this as an opportunity to do the same.