Steve Jobs – A Decade Later – We Miss You and Love You

It’s been 10 years since Steve left us, yet it just feels like yesterday because his legacy continues to live on. His way of life has inspired millions and we at TheAppleGoogle are just one example of it. So enamoured with Steve’s charisma, back in 2009, we decided that there has to be coverage of everything this man does. Steve was the inspiration behind starting TheAppleGoogle back when there was no iPhone or Apps or anything close to this.

It was solely Steve’s reality distortion field and passion towards his work that drew us so close to this entire ecosystem. His entire journey is so inspiring that it even makes a kid want to work hard to get to his position. The standing ovations that he received everytime he walked on stage was so chilling right to the bones. There was something totally different about Steve and no matter what the circumstances would have been, he would have made a name for himself in any field. He had this burning passion and the ability to get things done which very few posses.

Surely, all at Apple are celebrating Steve’s life today and we at TheAppleGoogle are too. Steve’s legacy continues to live-on.

Thank you for everything, Steve. We miss you and love you!