Google Launches ‘Quick Phrases’ Where You Can Talk To The Google Assistant Without Saying “Hey Google”

The latest development from Google is that Google Assistant might even be activated without you saying “Hey Google”. According to XDA Developers, a ‘Quick Phrases’ feature is available to a Pixel 3 XL which was running the Android 12 beta. It isn’t sure if the Android 12 is a requirement for quick phrases. The Google app version used was

The quick phrases features need to be turned on from the Google Assistant settings. After turning this on Google Assistant will listen for certain phrases as per the context. For instance, if an alarm is going off, Google Assistant will notice whether the user is saying “stop” or “snooze” and in such a case the user will not need to say Hey Google. Likewise, to answer an incoming call the user can just say “answer” or “decline”.

Earlier in September, 9to5Google had published a set of commands which was believed to be these quick phrases. The list contains statements like “cancel the alarm”, “send a broadcast”, “what’s the weather”, “turn up the volume” and “pause the music”.