Apple Releases iOS 15.0.1 Update With Major Bug Fixes

Apple recently launched its iOS 15. Soon after the launch, there were reports of different kinds of issues faced by the users. Among these, the one that was affecting users the most was the “Unlock With Apple Watch” issue because of which iPhone 13 users were not able to unlock their devices using the Apple Watch when they had their masks on. The iPhone 13 users can now relax as Apple has released a new software update in which along with other bug fixes, the Settings app showing full storage on the iPhone, the above-stated problem has also been resolved.

Apple has stated three major bugs that either the iPhone 13 users or iOS 15 users have been facing in general. The biggest issue was the “Unlock with Apple Watch”. This feature was released by Apple in its iOS 14.5 where users could unlock their iPhone if they had an Apple Watch registered to the same account with them. Hence you did not even need to enter the passcode to unlock your device. However, for almost every iPhone 13 user this feature wasn’t working. With the iOS 15.0.1 update, the issue has been resolved.

Another issue that several iPhone users were facing after the update to iOS 15 was that the Settings app was showing that the iPhone storage is full incorrectly. It was not specific to any particular model but was happening in general to several users. The iOS 15.0.1 has also fixed this issue so the iPhone users can now use the iOS 15 features normally.
Some Fitness+ subscribers had reported that their Apple Watch would automatically and unexpectedly start audio meditations. iOS 15.0.1 has fixed this issue. Apart from these three, there were several other issues that Apple has fixed which they haven’t yet mentioned. Hence now you can expect your iPhone to be a little more convenient to use and less buggy.