Apple Pays A Tribute To Steve Jobs On His 10th Death Anniversary

Ex CEO of Apple Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011. That was just a few months after he stepped down as the CEO of apple. To offer a tribute to him on his 10th death anniversary Apple designed a special homepage on The specially designed homepage contains pictures of his time at Apple and a video showing a journey of his life which includes the launch of the iPod and the iPhone for the very first time.

Apple, the world’s biggest technology giant has a huge legacy of innovations most of which was spearheaded by Steve Jobs. Along with Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs started Apple in 1976 and they launched the first-ever Apple product called the Apple I. The rest is history. From there the company launched a series of gadgets. Steve Jobs had a major role in this entire journey and it isn’t unknown to anybody.

For the tribute on his 10th death anniversary, Apple has come up with a video showing his entire journey. The video contains a famous speech given by Jobs where he asked everyone to follow their passion and in turn build their own future. A soundtrack plays in the background and various clips from the past that show Jobs’ time at Apple is run. The clips include the launch of the first Apple Macintosh computer, the time when Jobs was made the CEO of the company, and the launch of the Apple iPhone which was a remarkable event in the history of Apple.

Apart from the video, on the website, there is also a special statement from Steve Jobs’ family.

Steve Jobs is one of the most popular technology icons ever and his being associated with Apple will always be a wonderful reminder of that. His story has had a lot of ups and downs and is definitely inspiring. His determination to strive for excellence and innovation will be remembered by all.