You Skip Can Now Skip the ‘Hey Google’ Hotword: Here’s How

The virtual assistant developed by Google will now let you skip the ‘Hey Google’ hotword. A few months back, in April, a few users reported a voice shortcuts page on their Assistant’s settings. This page led users to an in-house Google documentation for a feature codenamed Guacamole. Then, a few months later, in June, we got to know that Guacamole would initiate the Quick Phrases tool in Assistant. This tool will enable you to ditch the usual hotwords while operating Assistant.

Notably, 9to5Google discovered the feature during their APK Insights of the Search app on Android. With the help of the Quick Search option, you can directly ask questions like, “What’s the weather?” and the Assistant will identify your voice pattern and respond. Along with Quick Phrases, Google plans to roll out Salsas or specific tasks that you will be able to manage using the tool. The array of manageable tasks include setting alarms, respond to calls, and control volume, among many. It means you can now enjoy a completely hands-free experience while going hotword-free.

Alarms, Connect, General info, Lights, Media Controls, Timers, To-Dos are a few of the controls you will be able to manage. While the new tool is expected to usher in seamless voice-controls, it’s notable that it will work with only certain devices. You can expect the feature in your Nest Speakers or Smart Home Devices, though the list of supported devices is still unclear. APK Insights does not guarantee that a feature will make it out of development, so you might have to wait for an official nod from Google.