You Can Now Start Group Chat With Attendees From Google Calendar Events

Google is adding more and more features to its apps every day. Now Google has added a new button to Google Calendar event on the phones and the web. Clicking on that button will allow the users to immediately open a chat with meeting attendees. Earlier this year, Google had launched its renamed version of Hangouts Chats for the users. Also, it kept adding more and more features to its video chatting platform-Google Meet.

The new chat button will be seen sitting next to the list of attendees in the Calendar event. Initially, only the ability to email the attendees was available. However, Google has combined Chats and Gmail closely, probably with a view that this way Chats will become more popular.  Thus, this move seems logical. The user can start a charge before, during, or after the meeting. The feature will be turned on by default.

Google writes in a post that this automatic group chat “only applies to participants within your organization, external attendees are not included in the group chat.” Thus, there might be some participants who won’t be receiving the extra messages.

The main motive of Google behind introducing this is that Google wants people to use its messaging app more and more. It might seem a bit irritating to people to be forced into using Chat, however, for certain people who have been committed to Google Workspace or forced into using it by their bosses this might be extremely useful.