You Can Now See The Pixel Series 6 Phones In Google’s NYC Store

Just recently Google brought into life its long-dead Twitter account and teased the Pixel 6. Now, to add another promotional initiative Google Store Chelsea has kept the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on display.

The first retail store of Google situated in NYC shows floor-to-ceiling windows covered with “Discovery Boxes”. These showcase different themes, products, and integrations. Google has also placed the two phones in two of the small exhibits.

The background is themed as per the color variant and written are the words “Google Pixel Pro” and “Coming Fall 2021” above the phone. Also, a QR code is present which you can “Scan to learn more”. On scanning the code you are taken to the recently updated Google Store landing page.

The larger phone has a gold variant and there is also the Pixel 6 in the color variants- orange, red, and pink. You however cannot use the devices because they haven’t received their FCC certification yet. But you still get to take a look at these and understand the colors better so that it becomes easier for you to choose which color you want to buy.