Top 5 News Reading Apps For iPad: 2021 Edition

If you’re one of those people who like to keep up with the latest piece of information, painting the town – be it Tech, Fashion, or the recent speech given by a world reader, then you can do so with just a few taps on your iPad. There are a multitude of news apps available on the App Store from which you can save and follow topics of your interest. To get the best experience, you need spot-on apps on your device that provide trustworthy and latest content. 

Here’s a list of the top 5 news reading apps for your iPad. 

Apple News

This news app comes pre-installed with your iPad and offers an eclectic range of news. It brings you the latest headlines from trusted sources. An array of editor-curated articles with a personalized feed provides you with relevant and reliable news from a wide range of publishers. An Apple News+ subscription makes it even better with access to hundreds of premium magazines and leading newspapers. 


Flipboard is an app that curates news and information for all your interests. It’s an all-time favorite news app for many mainly because it gives you a personalized magazine-like feel. You can personalize it for the news you care about and follow topics of interest. You can also enable location to get more of the local news and happenings around you. It also gives you the option to collect articles and insights to create a magazine of your own.


Feedly offers you the choice to find and organize credible sources in one place. You can follow your favorite topics, websites, blogs, or social media accounts, and Feedly will supply you the stream of the latest news. The best part about this app is its AI assistant dubbed Leo. It filters out the articles that might not interest you and prioritizes the topics, events, and trends that matter to you. You can even share the insights and news with your team to quicken research, marketing, and sales.


Inkl is your one-stop destination to get an unlimited buffet of news content from premium sources and magazines. The best thing about Inkl is that it’s completely ad-free! It offers a dedicated section named Good News, which provides you with three positive stories to brighten up your day. You can also dive deeper into related articles below every story to get more informed about the news that interests you. 


Pocket is the best way to compile all the articles you come across each day. More often than not, we do not have enough time to read an article that interests us, and we save it for later. With Pocket, you can save the latest stories, articles, news, and videos from different apps in the same place. It provides you all the information in a stripped-down, reader-friendly format. The articles you save get synced across all your devices, and the best part about Pocket is that it gives the option to read out your saved news. So you can enjoy news of your interest, even while cooking. 

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