Top 5 Best Alternative To Google Photos

It’s been sometime now since Google stopped providing unlimited storage for Google Photos to its users. Users are finding it difficult to find an alternative once their storage gets used up completely. Here we bring before you the top 5 alternatives to Google Photos.

  • Degoo

As of now, Degoo is the best alternative to Google Photos. It is known that Google Photos gives 15 GB of free storage. On the other hand, Degoo gives 100GB of free storage and takes a huge lead in the competition. Degoo claims to have all the files end-to-end encrypted so it’s safe to upload your photos there. A memory feature is present on Degoo along with an auto-upload. Turning this on will automatically back up all your files. Degoo is available for Android, iOS, and the web. The 100GB of storage can be shared between three devices. Once you run out of this you can go for the Pro subscription starting Rs. 189/month for 500 GB and Rs.639/month for 10TB.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

This will provide a solution for cloud storage rather than for merely uploading photos or videos. You do not get any editing options, but you can upload any file you want to here. This also comes with the entire collection of Microsoft Office apps. It also provides a personal vault option where users can save their important photos/videos securely. You can download the app on your Android or iOS device and then access it through its website, macOS, or Windows app. 5GB of storage is given for free. After that you can get the personal plan for Rs. 4,899/year with 1TB storage or the Microsoft 365 Family offers giving 6TB of storage for 6 users (1TB for each) at Rs. 6,199/year.

  • Flickr

Flickr has been here for quite some time now and is one of the oldest cloud-based photo storage options. However, it did not get much fame probably because of them targeting only photographers as their audience. They have been using it for years now however it isn’t bad for everyday users. A maximum of 1000 photos can be uploaded in the free tier, and if you go for the Pro subscription for Rs.510/month or Rs. 4375/year you can get access to unlimited storage, an ad-free experience along the option for uploading videos.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox has been around for years now however nobody thought of it as a photo-storing service. It was always popular as a document-sharing service. You can at once sync all your files or photos from your phone to the cloud. Dropbox also integrates some third-party apps which makes it even better. You get 5GB of storage for free. After that, for Rs. 974/month you can get 2TB of cloud storage. The family plan for Rs. 1458/month allows you to share the 2TB among 6 users.

  • Amazon Photos

This one app provides similar features to that o Google Photos. You need to be a member of Amazon Prime much like that of a Google One subscription. With Amazon Prime, you get a lot of features. In Amazon Photos, you can store an unlimited amount of photos; however, videos can be stored up to 5GB only. You can backup all your files here much like what was done in Google Photos. Further, here you can even connect your PC or Mac and make things easier.