This Is How Google Will Be Protecting Your Old Phones

Old Android phones are more prone to malware and malicious ad tracking. Google has come up with a way to protect them. Google is said to be introducing a privacy protection feature to all the old Android phones. In Android 11, Google had already provided auto-resetting permissions. This feature stops an app from accessing storage, mic, cameras, and other sensitive features if the app has not been used by the user for months. Thus, with this feature, apps would not be able to collect data in the background unless you provide access if the app hasn’t been used for a certain period. This same feature will be brought for the old Android phones.

Every phone that is running Android 6 and higher will get this feature automatically and according to Google, billions of Android phones will be protected this way.

The Verge has reported that this feature will be released in December to all phones which have Android versions between 6 and 10 that come with Google Play Services. Google says the feature “will automatically be enabled on devices with Google Play Services that are running Android 6.0 (API level 23) or higher.”

However, this feature has to be manually enabled by users and certain apps might even ask users to turn this feature off manually if it needs to run in the background.

For safety purposes, you should always remove your Google accounts and factory reset the phone when you aren’t using it. This will stop all apps or even someone else from accessing personal data save in your old phone.