Here’s What Google Chrome 94 Has In Store For You

Google has now made it official that the Chrome 94 stable update is here and can be used through all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. The Chrome 94 brings in a better security feature and takes better care of the privacy of the users. Google has also said that they have fixed 19 security issues thus making Google Chrome browser a safe browser for the users. The users are highly advised to upgrade their Chrome browsers for safety.

One of the biggest upgrades of Chrome 94 that is worth mentioning is the HTTPS-First mode. In this, the users will be alerted by showing them a full-page alert when they proceed to a website with HTTP and not HTTPS which is more secure.

There is also a feature introduced to host desktop websites on Android tablets. Also, on desktop Google has confirmed fixing 32 bugs. A new sharing hub has been introduced. There one can copy links or even receive QR codes to share with other websites. To use this feature you need to sign in with your Google account on Chrome. Also, for iPhones, the Chrome 94 browser will support the .mobileconfig file.

Chrome 94 also comes with improved web standards which will give a greater browser-based gaming experience for the users. WebCodecs will make cloud gaming faster and the WebGPU will allow the games running in the browser to easily use the computer’s power.