Google Search For Desktop Now Gets Dark Mode

We all know about Dark Mode in our phones and on different apps that we use. Now, it has come up that Google will be getting a new Dark Mode on desktop. With this, it will be easier for the users to use the website at night. The Dark Mode of the website will be using a minimum contrast ratio for readability which will help in reducing eye strain. Just like as in smartphone apps, in the Dark Mode of the Google Search on desktop too users will be able to change between the three modes.

These will be the Dark Mode turned on, off, or dynamically synced with the theme of the computer. These settings will be useful when you set your desktop to turn on the light or dark mode at particular times of the day depending on whether or not you need extra brightness. Whatever you set, the changes will be applied on the main Google Homepage, the search results, settings, and to some linked web pages.

To use the new Dark Mode feature, here’s what you need to do. Go to the Google homepage. On opening the homepage, at the bottom right you will see a ‘Settings’ option. Click it. On clicking it, from the menu that appears select Search Settings/Appearance. After that selection, three options will come up; the first option will be ‘Device Default’. As the name says, this will sync your Google search theme with that of the desktop theme. The other two options are Light or Dark Themes. Choosing any one of these will make the page stick to only one mode. Choose the one that you deem fit and automatically the mode will be changed.

The mobile app of Google Search has been having the dark mode for some time now, and now the desktop users will be able to use the feature as well. the feature is already available to the users.