Google Nexus Twitter Account Back From Dead

As soon as the Apple event ended, Google brought out a secret message from its long-dead Google Nexus Twitter account. The message asked the buyers to wait for the upcoming launch of Google-the Google Pixel Series 6.

The @GoogleNexus account has been dead for a few years now. Its last tweet was on October 16, 2017, in which it advised the users to substitute their old phone for a Pixel 2. On August 31, the account announced the launch of Android Oreo. It kept replying to the customer support mentions till July 14, 2019. However, after that, it was not in use anymore. The account was made private that year itself and it instructed to redirect the users of that page to @madebygoogle.

The tweet made from the account was ā€œIā€™d wait for #Pixel6ā€. The account has over 1 Million followers and the tweet is being liked and replied to at a huge rate.

It looks like Google is considering the guerilla marketing tactic for the launch of the Pixel 6 series. The company also advertised on TV with a 30-second spot which went on air on Sunday between a football match. In the UK, the Google Pixel is sponsoring a famous TV series.

The account is a private account and thus the tweet can only be seen by the people who never unfollowed the account. However, it could also be an accidental tweet, although it is difficult to do that from the Twitter web.