Google Meet Low-Light Mode For Web Now Available

Google Meet has been constantly bringing in new and new features both to the app as well as to the web version. Now it is bringing the low-light mode to the web version. Google announced this in a blog post. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used in this mode so that your video is adjusted automatically so that you are more visible in case you are in a dark area. This feature already exists in the app version and was introduced in 2020.

The company said, “Having too much light behind you such as a window on a sunny day can also be challenging for many cameras. Google Meet on the web now automatically detects when a user appears underexposed and enhances the brightness to improve their visibility.”

Google has also said that this feature will be activated when the use enters a low light area. On your different light conditions, the company says “Google Meet will intelligently adapt, for example increasing enhancements as lighting conditions worsen and turns processing off when lighting conditions improve.”

This feature will be available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users. The company has further said that around 15 days will be required to implement this. On receiving the update, the feature will be enabled automatically and even the admins won’t be able to control it