Apple iPhone 13 Cannot Be Unlocked Using Apple Watch

Apple recently released its iPhone 13 series and now it is being delivered to the buyers. The reviews have mostly been positive however some buyers are complaining about issues with the “Unlock with Apple Watch” feature. This feature was introduced to automatically detect a smartwatch and allow using the phone without entering a password.

Apple has considered this issue. A lot of users depend on this feature as with masks on, the FaceID feature doesn’t always work well. In such cases, these features come in handy.

9to5Mac has reported that Apple has considered this and has also introduced a fix in its upcoming beta update of the iOS. This update came in will be coming in beta 2 for iOS 15.1 and thus it will take some time to be available to iOS users.

Another reason that might delay the fix of this problem is the Apple watchOS. The watchOS 8.1 is in the development stage and a fix for this will be implemented there as well. Thus, watchOS 8.1 will also take some time to reach the users and that could further delay the fix.