Apple Event Used To Steal $69,000 From Users

As per sources, scammers have used a fake event stream, a fake Apple website, and a promise to deliver free Bitcoin to trap innocent users during the launch of the iPhone 13 event.

As per a report from AppleInsider, everyone who was searching for the Apple Event on September 14 may have come across another stream that was airing old interviews of Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and not the ongoing stream.

From there those who kept on watching the fake stream must have noticed that there was a messaging popping up time and again on the screen asking the users to visit a website-, as per the report.

Zscaler reported that the above-mentioned website looked a lot like a fake Apple website. An advertisement for a Bitcoin giveaway was also shown there. The advertisement instructed the user had to send 0.1 to 20 Bitcoin using a QR code to receive double that amount back.

This was the trap but there were a lot of steps taken to show that it was original. More than $69k was sent to the Bitcoin wallet showing that the offer was successful.

Some people having a slight technical knowledge was probably able to see the problem in the website starting from the grammatical errors to the .org URL. Then again, anybody who would have noticed these minutely would have fallen prey to such a thing.

The report said that the website is down as of now and is likely to remain so after successfully swindling folks out of $69,000.