YouTube Upgrades Search With Better Recommendations

The video-sharing and social media platform YouTube is all set to make the search experience seamless than ever. The Google-owned video streaming site announced two new features today directed at making searching better on its platform. This new update will be ushered through the additional feature of video chapters being available on the Search page to make it easier for users to find the content they want to watch.

The two new changes include a visual search feature and easier discovery of foreign language videos having captions in the user’s local language. Till now, the search option displayed thumbnails of respective videos related to the searched content, but through the new update, chapters of each video will now be shown to the user. After its initiation, this feature will time-stamp images depicting the different topics covered throughout the video. It will also enable users to jump directly to a section having more relevance to their search interest. This change will undoubtedly ease the search process more than before. Adding another feather into its cap, YouTube has simplified the process of searching for videos in foreign languages. This has been implemented with a vision to make information more accessible and inclusive for all users globally. YouTube will now start translating captions, titles and descriptions present in foreign languages.

With the latest reports targeting YouTube’s search algorithm for bottom-feeding content, these new features are expecting to silence the critics for now.