Top 5 Best iPhone Cleaning Apps To Free Up iPhone 12 Storage

Have you marked a slow and sluggish response time for your iPhone 12? The slow performance could be the result of insufficient storage space in your device. Temporary files, cache memory, and even cookies make up a lot of the clutter piled up in your system. Clearing the junk files and cache is the best way to clean and optimize your iPhone. There are a lot of apps in the App Store that can help you in the process.

Here is a list of the top 5 best iPhone cleaning apps to clean the storage of your iPhone 12.

Clean Doctor

The Clean Doctor app helps you clean up your device’s junk in just one tap with Smart Cleaning. It uses its advanced algorithm to remove screenshots, similar pictures, and Live Photos from your phone. This app also lets you find junk files manually and delete them from your system. It also provides the action to clear redundant files and expired reminders out of your iPhone.


iCleaner is a great app when it comes out to clear unnecessary clutter from your iOS device. The cleanup process is very structured and shows how versatile it can be. The Smart setting used by the app will delete the attachments that do not show up in any message. It clears out web cache, app cache, and any packages installed that are not needed anymore. 

SyncBird Pro  

SyncBird Pro is much more than a cleaner app for your phone. It is a desktop-based iPhone file manager. The PhoneCare feature of the app clears your files but does not completely delete them. This app gives you two-way sync between your Apple devices. SyncBird Pro lets you transfer your content and manage your space.

 Boost Cleaner 

Boost Cleaner is a small and easy-to-use application for your iPhone. It has a compelling interface that will make it easy and fun for you to clean your phone. It can filter out duplicate media and has date division which makes it convenient for the users. Boost Cleaner is a small, fast, and practical cleaning tool for your iPhone.

Smart Cleaner

The Smart Cleaner app is a fast and practical tool. It lets you efficiently manage your space. The app searches and removes redundant media files from your iPhone and provides a discreet Secret Space. Through this space, you can hide your photos, videos, and contacts. In addition to this, it adds widget tools for battery and storage management on your home screen.