Snapchat For iOS Adds New AR Scan Feature

Snapchat came out over a decade ago, and since then, it has become one of the most popular social media platforms. The app is now rolling out an upgrade to its next-generation Scan feature. Now, Snapchat will be more than just the dog filters you use. It is reportedly working to bring to your screens a new element of Augmented Reality or AR. It will be much more sophisticated than the goofy filters you use to amuse your friends. The new Scan feature will let you explore real-world objects through your lens.

The integrated Scan feature, first introduced by Snapchat to scan a Snapcode, has unlocked new AR experiences. With the new tool, placed front and center, you can now identify clothes, plants or, even dog breeds. The Snapchat you use to send instant messages is slowly evolving as a visual search engine. This concept is not fresh in the market as many of you might have used Google Lens for similar purposes.

The new update address another issue faced by many users. Choosing from an array of Lenses and AR Filters will now be easier for you. With the updated version of Snapchat, pointing at an object or scenery will automatically show you relevant filters to use. It will also display soundtracks and effects to add to your Snap. This will help you find the perfect set of visual effects for a photo/video from a list of filters designed by Snap’s creator community.