Netflix To Support Spatial Audio Feature For iPhone And iPad

The American OTT content provider Netflix has confirmed the roll-out of the Spatial Audio feature for iPhone and iPad users. Netflix has reportedly worked on the release of Spatial Audio compatibility since January and is now finally all set to roll out the service for its app on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 or higher. The streaming giant has announced that it will provide the service to its Apple users with no extra charge included.

In case you’re wondering, Spatial Audio is a three-dimensional sound effect that offers an enveloping audio experience. It effectively recreates a cinema-style experience, where sounds seem to be emanating from all around you and will enable users to listen to surround sound using Dolby Atmos signals that apply directional audio filters. Netflix will release the compatibility mode that will exclusively work with AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.

Apple released Spatial Audio support for its user base back in May 2021 at the developer’s conference. It makes use of in-built hardware specs such as a gyroscope and accelerometer to give you an experience comparable to a theatre. It re-adjusts the sound as the user tilts or move their head to render a theatrical auditory effect. The feature can be turned on or off as per the user’s choice. The command for the same will be present as a toggle switch in the Command Centre. In an official statement released by the streaming giant, it has become evident that an updated version of Netflix is essential to enjoy the service.