Instagram To Show Photos And Videos To Improve Search

Instagram has dramatically changed the world of the internet. Since its inception over a decade ago, it has become one of the most popular social media apps. With over a billion active users, including celebrities and politicians, the app brought Influencers into being. Unless you live under a rock, you must have witnessed or are a part of the Double Tapping generation. Instagram announced a new search system for its mobile app earlier this week. It will give you the option to search using photos and videos aside from the usual accounts, hashtags, and places.

Until now, the Search option opened up with an array of posts through an algorithm based upon your viewing history. Though this section gave a personalized touch, the search option itself gave vague suggestions. The results often guided us to misleading pages and irrelevant posts. To improve this experience, Instagram will now add Photos and Videos related to the searched keywords. If you’ve used Pinterest, you are already familiar with the grid-like concept of visual content. Instagram plans to implement a similar network of content to give better search results.

The new feature will prove effective when you don’t have a precise username or hashtag in mind while searching for a topic. Instagram is also working on increasing the keywords you can use to search for content. For now, it is centered on getting keyword search results right in English. But you can soon hope to get similar support for the other 31 languages the app supports.