Google Enables Android 12’s Ongoing Call Chip And New Notifications On Phone App

The new update of the Android operating system dubbed Android 12 Beta 3.1 incorporates an array of new features and services. This new update rolls out a redesigned layout for notifications and Quick Settings. The Android 12 version was launched back in May 2021, and its latest update is a step towards remodelling its user interface design structure. The beta version delivers many of the unrevealed features that Android 12 consists of. These features were either hidden or work-in-progress in the previous builds.

According to several reports, the search engine giant is planning on releasing the Ongoing call chip for the Google Phone app. The reports hint towards a notification, shaped like a pill- which is now being referred to as a chip, which will appear on the top of a phone’s display during the entire duration of a call. This indicator will appear with a phone icon alongside time in xx: xx format from the start of a call. Android 12 will show a prominent chip in the status bar that shows the call duration. In the previous versions, to check the call duration, you had to either return to the main calling screen or pull down the notification tray. Thus, this change in UI design is positively an advancement in terms of ease.

The redesigned Quick Settings display the previous actions taken by the user and allow one to quickly mute the call or hang up. In addition to this, a new feature for the stock Android app has been added. It includes a new clock interface that puts together the dynamic theme of Material You redesign.