Top 5 Footwear Apps For Android 2021

Shopping for footwear requires a lot of thought. Since you wear it every day you must choose it in a way that your footwear goes with most of your clothes. And if that doesn’t work you just have to buy specific shoes with each of your dresses, and that is almost next to impossible. Also, different people like different kinds of shoes. Some like sports shoes, some prefer more fashionable shoes with heels, some prefer boots and so on. Also, you might get different shoes for different occasions. At times, it is difficult to find all these different kinds of shoes in one place. Here you bring before you our top 5 picks of footwear apps.

  •  Famous Footwear

This is a pretty famous brand and a lot of you might know about it. It contains a huge variety of shoes across different brands. It also features different kinds of shoes ranging from sportswear to fashion shoes and more. Free shipping is also provided for orders above $75. About selection, it’s pretty decent. The app claims selections from over 1,000 stores globally. This app also provides several coupons for savings. The UI is decent and the prices are reasonable too. All over an above-average option. You can download it for free from the Google Play Store here.

  • DSW

This is another established retailer for footwear and fashion accessories for both men and women. It consists of a huge variety of footwear including sports shoes, loafers, oxfords, lace-ups, slip-on, sandals, slippers, and anything else that comes to your mind. The accessories collection for women is more than that for men. It includes items from almost all kinds of apps and has features like order tracking, in-store pickup options, DSW Rewards membership info, and clearance sale prices. The app works just fine. Download it from the Play Store here.

  • Foot Locker

Foot Locker is a pretty much huge footwear app that focuses predominantly on sports shoes. Sportswear for both men and women is available. Different kinds of sports shoes like running shoes, basketball shoes, and boots from some other brands are found here. Also, you might find some clothing, bags, headwear, socks, etc here too. It’s a perfect place for sports fans. Although you might find these on some other apps too, the collection of Foot Locker is enough for most people. Order tracking, viewing sales, checking membership benefits, and finding the nearest store can be done through this app. It works well although it isn’t groundbreaking. You can download it here.

  • KicksOnFire

This app is mainly for sports shoe enthusiasts. The basic stuff here is common to the other apps but this app goes a step further with its calendar feature. It shows a full calendar that shows the release dates of the shoes and approximate price tags for the new releases and reminders. This app is not for someone who would buy one shoe every two or three years. Although complaints surface at times about shipping shoes, customer service, and refunds, it works well for most people. Download it from the Play Store here.

  • Zappos

Zappos is a popular app that contains clothes and accessories too along with shoes. The customer service of this is above average. This app provides free shipping and free refunds as well. The most popular shoe brands are seen in this app too. Also, you find a lot of old-school stuff like skater shoes and Chucks here. The UI is clean. You can download it from the Play Store here.