New RSVP Options For Google Calendar

A new option in the RSVP menu of Google Calendar has been introduced. This option will show the users whether they have to attend a meeting virtually or in person. It will be seen beside the option that indicates if the recipient will be present physically for the meeting. According to Google the reason for this change is, it will make the Google Calendar more useful for users in the hybrid workplace model. Just last month, a better hand-raising feature was introduced in Google Meet so that users could better view and acknowledge raised hands. Also, through this, the commotion going on in online meetings could be reduced to a great extent.

Google said in a blog post that Google Calendar will be having the new RSVP options under the “Yes” option. A dropdown menu will appear which will let the users select one of the three options available- “Yes”, “Yes, in a meeting room”, and “Yes, joining virtually”. This might not seem like a big change to all but it will definitely be useful for the organizers. They will be able to better organize the attendees physically as well as virtually. Also, it will allow the participants to inform which mode they will be attending the meeting quickly.

As of now, these features will be available only in Google Calendar. But Google has said that they might soon bring it to Calendar invitations in Gmail. Google has specified that the join method is not shared with contacts on other platforms such as Microsoft Outlook. This feature will start being available on July 8 to all Google Workspace and G Suite Basic and Business customers.