New Apple Patent To Reduce Camera Bump On Upcoming iPhones

Looks like Apple is trying to improve the camera capabilities of its upcoming iPhone lineup. It has come up that the company has filed for a patent that will let them include in the iPhone 14 series three times optical zoom along with high-resolution imaging.

Recently a patent has been officially given to Apple by the U.S. Patent and trademark office. In the patent, it is mentioned about a periscope lens or a folded lens system which will allow the company to make cameras having small form factors.

Patently Apple has spotted that the patent talks about a folded camera system that includes two light folding elements like prisms sandwiching an independent lens system. All of these together make the optical system.

The prism will help to concise the optical axis for the camera. This will give a much shorter camera system than the present ones.

Patently Apple has also said that the new folded camera setup will give three times optical zoom than what is present in the present iPhones along with high-resolution imaging.

The independent lens system includes several elements such as an aperture stop and elements with refractive power. All of these will be together place inside a lens barrel. The patent also says that the camera system includes a photosensor and might also include an optional infrared filter.

The patent also states the need for such small factor cameras in today’s devices. However, the patent won’t be executed right away and so we feel it is going to debut with next year’s iPhone lineup.