Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps For iOS And Android

The covid-19 pandemic has shifted everything from offline to online. Be it Work-from-home, online classes, or online meetings, video conferencing is the need of the hour. We cannot go out and meet our friends, we video call them instead. We cannot go to school, classes are taken online. Here we have brought together the top 5 video conferencing apps that are literally a savior in these times.

  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is hands down the best video conferencing app for cloud collaborations. This is made specifically keeping the sharing in mind. File sharing is available here. Microsoft Teams has integration with Office 365. This app is a perfect combination of versatility with performance. Its best part is it has a very high compatibility range. Also, backups of files are made when the files are transferred. The only drawback is that this requires a lot of space and the channel limit is set at 100.

  • Zoom Cloud Meetings

This is one of the best apps suited for our generation. Zoom provides HD audio and video during the calls and thus makes it achieve a position among the top video conferencing apps of today. The calls can be recorded if you want. The best features of Zoom include its ability to sync with your calendar. This allows the user to easily schedule, invite, or cancel a meeting. Along with this, Zoom offers cross-device compatibility so you can use it on your phone, desktop, tablet, and any other place you want. Annotation in the meetings is also allowed, and you can even transcribe your speech if you want to which can be easily searched back later.

  • ezTalks Video Meeting

The third app we are going to talk about is the ezTalks Video Meeting app. This app too stands out because of its cross-device compatibility. This app provides the option of file sharing and screen sharing too. Option of gallery sharing is available along with whiteboard facility. Also, this app is ergonomically designed so that the app can work with an unstable phone signal and won’t charge you extra for location. This app isn’t much known, however. Also, it is a little high on storage as well.

  • Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meeting is the best app in case you want a platform that supports ‘telepresentation.’ This app is the best video conferencing app for business. Cisco Webex has been in the market for some time now. Along with the regular audio and video features, Cisco Webex provides a secure platform in which business can be conducted. This app is very high on security. This too provides Whiteboard and screen sharing features. Along with this high technology-based cars support CISCO Webex, for example, Toyota SDL car. The only drawback is that the Screen Widget for Webex is available only for Android users.

  • GoToMeeting

If you want a professional-looking app, this is the one you should go for. They say that this app can be used for teleconferencing, online meetings, and also product demonstrations. The last one is something new. This app can be easily used to make a pitch or presentation and it is extremely scalable. So no matter how big or small your business is, you can go for this. This also has a feature wherein the users can have a one-on-one even when they are in a big call.