Top 5 Things IT Support Has Done To Make It Even Easier To Work From Home

If being quarantined at home has taught us anything, it’s that working from home has become a whole lot easier – and more convenient! Managed IT Support in London Providers have had to adapt and evolve along with these new ways of working. Having the right IT Support in London equipment, the correct work setup, and being in the right mindset all contribute to successfully working from home.

Here are our Top Five Things IT Support London Done to Make it Even Easier to Work from Home.

1 – Fully Remote Managed IT Services

Remote IT Support service delivers quick, efficient, and cost-saving solutions. In our IT Support Company in Londonthe majority of our help desk queries are fixed remotely by our support helpdesk,and we minimise the need to sendengineers for on-site visits.

2 – Help Setting Up At-Home Workspaces – Hardware and Devices

Working from home requires the right hardware and setup. Having a Managed IT Support Services London Provider that can fully maintain and protect your employee’s hardware is essential to keeping your staff happy and work flowing easily. Some IT Support Providers offer completeDigital Transformation offers that include upgrading and maintaining hardware and devices.

3 – Embracing Technology: Working on The Cloud

This involves an IT Support Services Provider setting up a secure encrypted link from your office or home office to their data storage centre. Data is then copied and saved on an online server daily.In the event of data loss,your ManagedLondon IT Support Provider will be able torestore your files immediately upon request and get you back up and running within hours! Disaster Recovery activated.

4 – IT Security & Secure Data Protection

Managed IT Companies in London should provideData Protection options that are secure, reliable, and easy to use. Your data should be backed up securely and safely over the internet with a high level of encryption employed. The data is then safely stored on the award winning, fully resilient Data Centre, such as Microsoft Azure.

5 – Collaboration and Communication

Working together as a team from home can be tricky – this is why having a Managed IT Support Services Provider who can offer safe and reliable collaboration and communication between teams is crucial. These IT Support Providers are now able to teach employees how to take full advantage of Microsoft applications such as Teams, OneNote, SharePoint, OneDrive, and so much more!

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