Top 5 Solitaire Apps For iPad

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games on mobile phones these days. Klondike is a common type but apart from that too there are many other varieties. Definitely, this game is a big hit in the iOS environment too. Based on its style and look there are different types of Solitaire available. Here we bring you a list of the top 5 solitaire apps suitable for different users.

  • Solitaire+

This has to be hands down the best Solitaire app. This has the Klondike Solitaire and the experience is smooth and attractive. The background and card backs can be customized. You can either put in different given styles or even provide photos from your gallery. You can choose between portrait or landscape mode. You can choose between different game modes including draw one or draw three, and also between standard or Vegas scoring.

  • Windoze Solitaire

This app by Headsoft has also made it to our list. It is one of the easiest and fun solitaire games available. It is completely free and hence becomes a perfect alternative to the paid card games. It is a straightforward simple game that you can play when you are bored and want to kill some time.

  • Solebon Solitaire- 50 Games

Another interesting solitaire card game is the Solebon Solitaire developed by Solebon LLC. It is extremely popular among iPhone and iPod Touch. In this game, you can choose from over 40 different games. Customizable card backs and backgrounds are available in this game too. The graphics and gameplay are very smooth and will provide the users with an amazing experience. This free version comes with 7 card game variations. And if you buy the full version you get over 40 different games. It is a little costly but it is totally worth it.

  • Solitaire 7A quality App To Play Klondike

This is one of the best apps if you want to play the traditional Klondike card game on iOS 7. Also, one can say that this is the prettiest card game ever. It is made to suit iOS 7. The appearance gives a very neat feel and flows smoothly without a problem. The gameplay however is average like passable and not as smooth as the essential apps are. However, the look of this app definitely makes it worth a shot.

  • Card Shark Solitaire

This game by Easy 8 Software is one of the best free and universal games that contain a lot of features. There are various games available along with different variations of solitaire. One unique feature of this app is that many custom effects can be added to the game by the user. The gameplay however isn’t very smooth, definitely not as smooth as the essential apps. In case you want more solitaire games you can go for their paid version.