Top 5 Apps To Track UEFA EURO 2020

The UEFA EURO 2020 championship started on 11th June. This was scheduled for last year but because of the ongoing pandemic situation, it is taking place now. However, it is still called EURO 2020. Here we have formulated a list of five apps that will help you track UEFA EURO 2020. Know the live score, the upcoming matches, highlights of matches, and much more.

  • EURO 2020 Official

This is UEFA’s official app for the tournament. Generally, official apps aren’t that great but this app is an exception. It has a 4.7 rating on Google Play Store. This app has an amazing UI along with a lot of content. Using this app you will be able to get the entire UEFA EURO 2020 match schedule, minute-by-minute updates of what’s going on in the game along with goal notifications for all matches. You will also receive fixtures and results along with stats in detail and form guides for each team. Also, once you have this app you can check out team squads, analyze individual team pages, squads, and player pages, and much more. Lastly, the user can also play some fantasy football using this app. You can download it here from Google Play Store or from the App Store here.

  • SofaScore

This app is hands-down one of the best apps for getting the live scores of matches. It is not just limited to football/ soccer, but you can track the live score of different sports in this app. Hence it is useful for EURO 2020 as well. You can also choose between light and dark themes in this app. Through this app, you can follow the matches and get live scores on your phones. The notifications can be customized. In-depth information about every player and team is available here as well. You also get detailed statistics, fixtures, results, and standing. If you want the live score, this app is a must-try. You can download it here from Google Play Store or from the App Store here.

  • FotMob

FotMob stands out to become the perfect alternative for SofaScore. The only difference between the two is FotMob focuses totally on football/soccer. The UI of this app is amazing, even better than SofaScore. This app is filled with features and details as that of SofaScore and it has just become better with time. The best feature still remains the live score feature. You can customize notifications here as well. Not just for a goal can you set notification. You can also set notifications for red cards, half time, etc. detailed match statistics and player stats are available too. Also, FotMob comes with a news app, so you can keep track of what is going on in the soccer world including EURO 2020. You can download it here from Google Play Store or from the App Store here.


This is one of the most popular websites related to information and updates about football/soccer. The website has been here for some time and the app is very good too. It looks good and is extremely useful. You get up-to-date news about EURO 2020 through this app. You also receive match stats along with goal alerts. This app covers news from tournaments from all around the world and does great in this sector. You also find detailed head-to-head stats here. You can download it here from Google Play Store or from the App Store here.

  • OneFootball

OneFootball is one all-in-one app that you need to have if you are a football fan. This app covers everything about football from news, videos, and fixtures to scores, stats, and calendars. It definitely covers the EURO 2020 as well. You remain up-to-date with all the EURO football championship action. You also get personalized content in this app. You can select your favorite players, clubs, teams, and even leagues under the Following tab and never miss an update from any of them. You get a minute-by-minute update of the game during the league and also you can customize the notifications. You can download it here from Google Play Store or from the App Store here.