Google Sets The Mood Of UEFA Euro 2020 Through Its Doodle

The UEFA European Football Championship is all set to kick off tomorrow. Google has set the mood for this via its Doodle on Friday the doodle that is appearing on Google’s website shows a stadium, a football, a referee’s whistle, and buildings in the background. The tournament will be taking place in 11 cities in the 11 UEFA countries. The tournament was scheduled to occur from June 12 to July 12, 2020. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, it got delayed by a year and is starting from 12 June 2021. The name is still “UEFA Euro 2020” though.

To kickstart the event, Google has written on its website, “It’s time for UEFA Euro 2020! A staple for football fans worldwide since 1960, this year is the first time in history that the tournament’s 51 matched will be held in host cities across Europe-a dozen in total! It kicks off with a match between Turkey and Italy in the largest sports facility in Rome: Stadio Olimpico. So who will be dubbed the Euro 2020 champions and takes home this year’s Henri Delaunay trophy? Tune in over the next month to find out. Best of luck to all the competing teams!”