Google Meet Gets New Revamped Design

Google is bringing in a revamped layout to Google Meet, its dedicated video calling hardware, calling it Chromebase, the company has said.

This new revamped layout of Google Meet will be made available to both Rapid release and Scheduled Release domains from 7th July.

As per the company, these changes will give the users a consistent experience for Google Meet.

The redesign of Google Meet includes giving the users the power to customize how one appears in a meeting and how to view and present.

Let’s know about the features in detail.

The people using Google video calling hardware will now be able to tap over their video feed and select between a tile in the grid or a floating picture.  They can also reposition or hide it if they want to focus on the ongoing call.

The person’s self-view will be appearing at the bottom right of the grid. According to Google, this will let them focus on the video feeds at eye level.

Next up we have the feature wherein the users can unpin the contents that other participants share. This will let the user see the video feeds clearly and in a better way.

The names of the participants in a call will be visible no matter what the size of the meeting is.

A lot of space has been created for the users for better viewing of the people in the meeting. This is done by moving the dial-in codes, attachments, the participants’ list, chat, and other activities to the bottom right of the screen.

All other controls including the volume have been moved together in one place. The leave call button was previously placed beside the microphone and camera. This led to accidental call hang-ups. So, the leave call button has been removed from there.

The speaker at a particular point will have their tile outlined in blue. Mute indicators will be minimized to avoid distractions. When there are more participants, a tile will be added to show who is present on the call.