Google Drive Gets The Splash Screen Feature On Android 12

A special feature of Android 12 is that its apps show a splash screen upon launch. Splash Screen is a type of launch animation wherein the entire display of the phone is filled for a few seconds till the App loads. The first Google app to support this feature on Android 12 is Google Drive. Each app on Android 12 has a launch animation. This makes the app opening process fun and innovative. On tapping the app icon, it expands out from its place on the phone and covers the whole screen.  When the app opens after some time, the users are welcomed with a splash screen that includes the app icon.

Developers have customized the logo that appears on the splash screen along with the animation of the app icon. These animations can have infinite duration. However, Google has asked the duration to be 1,000 milliseconds. The Splash Screen feature was announced by Google in the Android 12 Developer Preview 3. While announcing, the example of Gmail was given. As of now, Google Drive is the only app that has received this feature on Android 12. A video from 9to5Google shows the splash screen on Google Drive. It colors the Drive logo within a second before the app loads.

Android 12 was launched last month in Google I/O. it will be available to all users by the end of the year. It features a huge UI revamp with Google’s “Material You” design language, a new privacy dashboard, a new internet panel, and more.