Apple iPhone 12 Mini Might Not Be Available Anymore

One thing that we have all known is that the iPhone 12 Mini didn’t go well with the users as compared to the other iPhones released last year. Now as per a report from TrendForce, it has come up that Apple is not producing the iPhone 12 Mini anymore and it looks like this is the end for the phone. However, the website still features the phone and once the present stock runs out it won’t restock it.

The report says, “Apple is expected to focus on driving the sales of the three non-mini models in the iPhone 12s series in view of the fact that the iPhone 12 Mini (which reached End-of-Life ahead of time in 2021) suffered disappointing sales performances compared to other models in the iPhone 12 family.”

The iPhone 12 Mini was the easiest on the pocket of the iPhone 12 series. It launched at $699. Also, it is the smallest, thinnest and lightest 5G phone available in the market.

Unfortunately, it only contributed to an estimated 5% of all iPhone 12 sales. However, in spite of all the bad sales performances, there might be a successor to the iPhone 12 Mini, this fall.