iPhone 13 To Have Thicker Dimensions And A Larger Camera Bump

Apple has been launching thin devices for some time now. The recent iMac that it launched in so many colors was also very thin. However, now it looks like that the company is succumbing a little with the next iPhone.

As per reports from MacRumors, Apple will be changing the physical case of the upcoming iPhone a little. The iPhone 13 series will be a little thicker than the present iPhone 12. Also, it will be having a slightly larger camera bump than in the iPhone 12 series.

However, this isn’t a very huge change. The iPhone 12 models were 7.4 mm thick while the iPhone 13 models will be 7.57 mm thick. Thus, the thickness has just increased by 0.17 mm compared to the iPhone 12 lineup.

The camera bump will be increasing in size as well. “Changes coming to the camera bumps of the new iPhones may be more noticeable. The iPhone 13 and 13 Pro will have thicker camera bumps, with the change most noticeable on the iPhone 13 Pro. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro feature camera bumps in the range of 1.5 mm to 1.7 mm, while the iPhone 13 will have a thicker 2.51 mm camera bump. The iPhone 13 Pro meanwhile will feature a 3.65 mm thick camera bump.”

The original report states that there might be few other changes as well. For instance, the company might change the placement of the side button, the mute switch, and also the volume button. These won’t be major changes though. Although, it can be thought that since the case is getting thicker, the battery might be getting a little thicker too.

The iPhone 13 is stated to be released later this year. The iPhone 13 will be having a smaller notch and one of the models at least will be having a display technology for a 120 Hz refresh rate.