Here’s All You Need To Know About Apple’s M2 MacBook Air

It has been known for some time now that Apple’s M2 MacBook Air will be released this year. Now, a leak has happened and from there it looks like the 2021 MacBook Air will be available in several colors like the iMac that launched recently.

Jon Prosser, the tipster has said that Apple is going to bring a huge revamp to the M2 MacBook Air. He had earlier shared some render images which had shown a blue color M2 MacBook Air.

Prosser has uploaded some new designs of the MacBook Air. From this, it is being derived that the affordable version of the MacBook will be thin and light.  The earlier wedge shape will also be changed to a flat shape much similar to the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro. There will be several color options like blue and green available.

Also, from Prosser’s video, it looks like that there will be two USB Type-C ports.  It has come out that there will be more slots present in the new MacBook air than in its current version. There are also talks that Apple will be bringing its SD card and MagSafe charging back on the Pro Model. However, there are no confirmations on whether the Air model will have the MagSafe charging technology. The pro model will have an HDMI port and three USB Type-C ports.

The screen size is not yet known though. From Prosser’s image leaks, however, it looks like that the display will have white bezels much like the 24-inch Apple iMac that launched in the Spring Loaded event in April. There will also be a change in the look of the keyboard. The top row where the function keys are present might get bigger and a little more spaced out. Also, the color of the keys will be now black and not white like it was earlier.

There are rumors that the MacBook Air 2021 will be having a 14-inch mini-LED display. This display technology is already available on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that was announced at the April Apple Event.