Here Are Some More Details About Google Pixel 6 And Pixel 5a

We are back with some more details about the most-awaited Pixel 6 and Pixel 5a. A famous tipster and tech journalist has now revealed in a podcast with Max Weinbach some more details about these phones. And here’s what we have learned so far.

As per sources of Weinbach, the Whitechapel chip won’t be of any match to the Snapdragon 88 or Samsung’s Exynos 2100. The chip will be based on the 5nm tech of Samsung. In terms of its raw performance, it will be between Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 888.

There will be a custom SoC. The most attractive and important part of this has to be its NPU (Neural Processing Unit) and ISP (Image Signal Processor) inside. These things aren’t new entries to the Pixel series but they weren’t there in last year’s releases. The uses of the NPU and ISP are to develop better images using computational photography.  Earlier it was known that a huge 50MP main sensor along with an ultrawide and an 8 MP 5X zoom camera would be introduced.

As far as the color variants, Weinbach has said that the orange color variant of the Pixel 6 that was seen in previous leaks will not be an orange color. It will rather be more of a peach, Not Pink (Pixel 3) and gold combination. Also, a green, silver, and black combination is in the development stages.

It looks like Google is very pumped up and confident about its release this year. That is exactly why they have decided to give it their all in this year’s marketing campaign. This will give a tough competition to rival Samsung’s S series.

If everything goes as per plan, then the Google Watch and Pixel 5a will also launch with the Pixel 6 in October this year. But if there occurs a shortage of chips, then the launch might be pushed to November.

Also, Max has given out an idea about the price of Pixel 5a. It will be more than that of Pixel 4a’s launch price. Also, wireless charging won’t be there.