Ceramic Shield Glass May Be Present In The Upcoming iPhone 13 Models

Last year, Apple had introduced its own hard, shatterproof glass for iPhone. This was introduced in the form of Ceramic Shield. Now, it looks like they are not going to stop using it anytime soon. Apple has announced that they have put in $45 million for its making. This investment is new; previously, the company had already invested a sum of $450 million for the making of this Ceramic Shield and for supporting its workforce in the US. This sum was taken from Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund. This investment thus implies that the ceramic shield will be coming to the iPhone models this year as well. Although, it isn’t known whether it will be used in other Apple devices or not.

Apple and Corning are working partners since the first iPhone. As of now, the Apple devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad use precision glass. This investment from Apple is to help Corning expand its manufacturing capacity in the US and driving more research and development into the new technologies.

Jeff William, chief operating officer of Apple said, “Apple and Corning have a long history of working together to accomplish the impossible. From the very first iPhone glass, to the revolutionary Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 lineup, our collaboration has changed the landscape of smartphone cover design and durability. Ceramic Shield is a prime example of the technologies that are possible when deep innovation meets the power of American manufacturing. We’re so proud to work alongside Corning, whose 170-year-old legacy is a testament to the ingenuity of the US workforce.”

Neither Apple nor Corning was available for comment. However, such a huge investment surely implies that the Ceramic Shield will be available in the upcoming iPhone 13 too. It might get better or it might remain the same. Also, it might be available in all the models of the iPhone 13 as well as in the future iPad models and Apple Watch.