Blood Sugar Monitoring Might Be Added To Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch has always been one of the most sought-after smartwatches in the present times. Recently, Apple has been adding many health-related extensions to the watch. The electrocardiogram (ECG) feature that has been added recently has saved the lives of so many.

As per the latest reports, it has come around that the new version of the watch that is the Apple Watch Series 7 will have another life-saving addition which is Blood Sugar Monitoring. This will prove to be a very useful addition for diabetic patients specifically. According to a report from The Telegraph, an SEC filing suggests the addition of a glucometer feature to the upcoming device in 2022.

Diabetic patients will benefit a lot from this new feature. These patients need to take a blood sugar reading right before they take their insulin injection. This is because the reading of their blood sugar determines the dose of insulin to be given. The procedure used presently to monitor the sugar level is a bit complex as well as costly, and several people find it difficult to carry it out. Now, if Apple could bring a device that does not require the patient’s blood to be drawn or no strips need to be bought, yet giving the correct reading, then Apple would see a major rise in its sales.

The report also says that Apple is the biggest customer of Rockley Photonics. Rockley Photonics is a company that manufactures next-generation sensors which hopefully would be inside devices by next year. These sensors can go through the skin from the back of a smartwatch and read signals from a person’s blood using infrared light.

there are also rumors that Apple might also be adding other sensors in the devices through which a person’s alcohol level, as well as blood pressure, can be measured. However, nothing has been confirmed by the company yet.

Till now, the users get an ECG and blood oxygen level (SpO2) monitoring on their Apple Watch.